I almost chose against it

It has been a long and crazy day, and when I got home at midnight from my parish’s school fundraiser, I was not really thinking bloggy thoughts.  I was thinking snowy thoughts, and gnarly thoughts, and tired thoughts, but I was not in the mood for writing.

I have an idea for a post, but it needs some actual thought and reflection and careful wording, so maybe you’ll see it tomorrow.

There’s really not much substance to this post now, but I wanted to post to say I did it.  I wanted to win.  I wanted to prove that I can post seven nights in a row, that I can meet my commitments, that I can dig deep and come up with something.

I’ve been writing poetry again, guys, and composing song lyrics in my head.

But for now, tonight, I am just going to leave you with this song by Priscilla Ahn.

I almost chose against posting, but I followed through.

7 in 7: finding a balance

So, Jen Fulwiler of Conversion Diary is doing this thing where she’s writing seven posts in seven days and encouraging her readers to do the same.  Since I loved my Creative Week so much, but haven’t posted in the week since, I figure, may as well.

I’m going to start off by musing just a little about this blog.  I love it.  I really do.  I love redesigning it, and thinking of ideas, and watching as new countries light up on the map that shows my views.  I would spend all day tinkering with it, and writing, oh writing, nonstop. Continue reading

Creative Week 1: Wednesday

Yes, I know it’s Thursday already.  Oops.

Wednesday was always going to be the hardest day on my creative week schedule, what with the long day at work and teaching catechism, and I made an executive decision to not worry about posting and just go to bed.

So, a day late, you get to see my Wednesday “Symbiosis” project.  My mother suggested the theme.  She is a high school biology teacher, and about once a year she assigns her students a project wherein they all write limericks about various cellular functions.  My mother has written some of these limericks herself, and has even gotten some of them published.  In honor of her, I present you a limerick about symbiosis.


Crocodiles might see a plover as prey
When it eats from their teeth, but it flies away,
For the little bird’s meat
Would make a good treat
But the crocs’ fangs might succumb to decay.

The crocodile/plover example has always been my favorite story of symbiosis.  When researching it for this post, however, I found out that it may only be a myth.  So sad!  At least it makes a good limerick.

Creative Week 1: Saturday

We had a new crop of potential hires go through the interview process at work today.  I cannot describe for you the exact flavor of panic in their eyes as they waited next to me, waiting to be called in, as I attempted to answer two ringing phones at once, switch out tickets to one show for a different show, manually add points to someone’s reward account and placate hungry customers who thought the concession line was ridiculously long.  I never quite had time to tell any of the candidates that it would be months before they would have to work the guest services desk, nor that today was an exceptionally busy day.

I knew today was going to be crunched.  I proctored a standardized test all morning and then I worked an almost eight hour shift at the movie theater this evening.  Even knowing how crazy today had the potential to be, I was still overwhelmed when it all came crashing down on me.

So, in other words, I’m really glad I went with the theme of “Baptism by Fire” for today’s project.  This idea was suggested by Rhonda Ortiz, who blogs at The Naptime Novelist.  You should definitely stop by and say hello.

In the meantime, it’s late, it’s very much a first draft, but it’s here before I go to sleep.  Here is a brand new poem for you all to read.

Baptism by Fire

In the dim light from the bulb
around the corner we have
found ourselves survived.

Still gasping breath, gulping
life in deep, the air around
crackling with energy, heat.

there is scar tissue in
my lungs but I am
breathing I am

The hum from outside our separate
room is routine continuing. Only
in this space, here, is the
dark pause, the little death,
the refining burn and the
breath that follows. Only here
is you and me, initiated.

You are grasp my hair.
I hold your chin. This
was it. The worst
is over now and our hot,
pink skin will heal.

please please I can’t
ever do this again

A new impulse is discovered
and an old peace
smolders in the breadth.

7 Quick Takes: How is it this late?

It’s the second link-up in two days!  But it’s also the second blog post in two days, so I know at least one of my relatives is probably happy.  Check out Jen at the Conversion Diary for the rest of the Quick Takes.  It’s her party and I’m just happy to be invited.


I know I promised a picture of the barn in my backyard.  It’ll come.  But I completely forgot that when I get off work at midnight, it is too dark to take photos of my backyard.  I really want you to see the piles of snow that have been there since December, so I’m going to take a picture in the morning.

UPDATE: Here is a barn, a backyard and a bunch of snow.



Why am I even typing this up at all tonight?  Why don’t I wait until it’s Friday morning and light outside and everybody else is typing up their quick takes?  Because I have in my brain right now the things I want to say.  I know myself to know that when I get up in the morning, I will probably not be this mentally organized.  One of the big massive down sides to my current employment situation is that some days I work until midnight… and some days I start work at 8:00am.  It makes a sleep schedule difficult to maintain, especially considering how wound up I am whenever I get off my shift.

So I’m sleeping in tomorrow.  Maybe expect the barn picture in the early afternoon.


Speaking of work and unfortunate aspects, the schedule comes out once a week (a week that starts Friday and ends the next Thursday), and if all goes according to the proper plan, it becomes available on Tuesday evening.  Very rarely does the plan come to perfect fruition.  This was an especially bad week due to weather, technology and other intangibles, and the schedule was not finished until about 1:30 this afternoon.  Another technological snafu followed, whereby every employee logged on to see his or her schedule online… only to find that he or she did not have any hours this week at all.  It turns out that the “let everybody see the schedule” button hadn’t quite been pressed.  I eventually heard the whole story.

But for an hour there this afternoon, I was pretty darn freaked out.  I cannot afford to take an unexpected week off work.  I don’t make a whole lot of money, and so the money I do make goes pretty quickly to cover some pretty specific things.

In order to calm myself down, I started thinking about what I would do with my time if, in fact, I really was being presented with a whole week without any work shifts at all.

I knew almost instantly… I would work on creative projects.  I have this notion that I am a creative person, that I am a seeker of originality, that I have gifts and talents that lend themselves to actually forming a Thing of Beauty with my brain and my hands.  An idea spun itself together in my mind, a way to keep myself inspired and involve my blog readers and social media buddies.  I was actually a little disappointed when the schedule came through properly.


So I decided to go ahead with my plan anyway.

I am therefore announcing my first Creative Week.

What is a Creative Week?  It is when I undertake and complete one creative project every day of the week.  The media I use will vary.  I may write something, I may draw or paint, I may take a photo… who knows?  I may even sew.  The important part is one day will equal one project; each day will bring a new stretch for my creative powers.

How do you help?  You nominate a theme.  You inspire me.  What makes a good theme?  One word, or one short phrase, that is broad enough that I can interpret it, make it my own, and run with it.  Or maybe something that is even a little more specific, maybe a quote or an image you have in your head… but remember that you have no idea what kind of project I will create in response.

The results will be shared on this blog… maybe once a day, maybe in groups, maybe just at the end of the week.  I don’t know.  We’ll see how well I keep on schedule and make that call as it needs to be made.

So comment below with an idea or inspiration for me.  I can’t wait!


This is a song I have been listening to a lot for the past few days.  Not sure why, but gosh darn does it stick in my head!


So, Valentine’s Day is next week.  I really like Valentine’s Day.  I think it is a good excuse to show the people in your life that you love them, whether these people are your family, your friends or your significant other.  I will probably be working on the day itself, which is fine, I guess.  Yay movie theater.  It’s not like I have plans with my boyfriend, because at this point in time we happen to live in separate states.

Which brings me to the question: do you guys have any ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day long distance?  I’m still brainstorming a bit here.


I am so ready for winter to be over.  I have not seen the grass since before Christmas.  There has literally been snow on the ground for that long.  There’s not much point here… just some complaining.  I saved it for last so it wouldn’t take over the whole post.

So that’s something, at least.

Happy weekend, friends!

Summer Silence

I didn’t mean to go on hiatus, but I stopped writing and it felt good.

Well, not good, exactly. It still felt like I wasn’t writing, which is never comfortable, but I had time to think. I relished some other

I’ve been running more. The marathon relay went very well. In fact, the Pittsburgh race went so well that I decided to run an actual marathon, the Free Press / Talmer Bank Marathon this October. It’s an international race; I’ll start running in Detroit, cross the border into Windsor, Ontario and cross back. I’m very excited.

I’m also excited about the classes I’m taking at a local community college. I’m working toward a “Web Specialist” certificate. I’m learning web design and development and graphic design. It’s really cool to be able to create a website, and to consider that I might one day soon design my own blog from the code on up.

During a summer of silence, I’ve had time to think about the future of this blog. So far, I’ve just taken the spaghetti-testing approach– throw it all at the wall and see what sticks.

I think, though, it’s time to focus on the insights I had when I wrote my “About Me” page. I want to find my niche in this wonderful online world. I think doing so will involve focusing on my turbulent place as a confused young adult. I have my family, friends and faith in God, a sense of humor and perspective, and I’ll figure my life out as I go. I’m writing the journey.

And I’m back.

Communication & Vision

Since eadillon-dot-com isn’t my first blog, this isn’t really my first blog post, and I’m going to hit the ground running.

Communication from the Coffeeshop

Communication from the Coffee Shop

I sometimes think that if I had my way, I would spend all of my waking hours communicating somehow.  This is not to say that I want to constantly be in the presence of other people.  Undeniably, I am a social person, and my well being depends on my interactions with people.  This is why I usually go to write in coffee shops instead of by myself in my one bedroom apartment (that and mochas.  Oh, I have such a weakness for mochas!).  I thrive on connecting with others, but that doesn’t mean I want them to be in my face nonstop with their noise and their needs and their otherness.

No, even I need a break from human interaction.

That’s the thing about communication, though- it comes in so many forms.  For every in person interaction (The coffeeshop manager just offered me a chocolate animal cracker. Heck yes!), there is an internet-based interaction (I am instant messaging with an old friend in Michigan.).  There are hard-copy text communications (I just wrote my grandmother a thank you note on the cutest stationery.) and long distance voice-based communications (I also promised Grandma that I’d be calling soon.).  These are all very obvious, here and now, exchanges of information with very real people that I know.


interaction with other humans in my community during my year of service

Communication is deeper than that, though.  It’s connections with people, yes, but, it’s transmission of information and ideas and it’s creative expression.  When I decompress from my day by writing in my journal, it’s communication with myself (and maybe with descendents who will find it in the distant future).  When I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it’s the communication of JK Rowling’s imagination out into the world.  When I sing, it’s the communication of my imagination and sense of beauty.

When I sit in silence and wonder, it’s communication with my God.  When I cry or plead or exclaim with joy, it is prayer.  This is the communication I hope to value the most, and it’s what should root me to all of the other communication that fills my life.  I am striving to cultivate this interaction, this crying out and this listening, so as to better guide my struggles in the dark.

This is the perspective from which I approach this blog, and really, all of my writing and social media presence.  I love the ins and outs of communication.  I am thrilled to explore the different and creative ways to communicate through the Internet and through art.  I love watching Internet and art intersect.  My favorite, though, is watching people find each other in new ways.  I am especially pleased when I get to be one of those people.

So welcome to my site, and welcome to my life.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you’ll stay a while.