I almost chose against it

It has been a long and crazy day, and when I got home at midnight from my parish’s school fundraiser, I was not really thinking bloggy thoughts.  I was thinking snowy thoughts, and gnarly thoughts, and tired thoughts, but I was not in the mood for writing.

I have an idea for a post, but it needs some actual thought and reflection and careful wording, so maybe you’ll see it tomorrow.

There’s really not much substance to this post now, but I wanted to post to say I did it.  I wanted to win.  I wanted to prove that I can post seven nights in a row, that I can meet my commitments, that I can dig deep and come up with something.

I’ve been writing poetry again, guys, and composing song lyrics in my head.

But for now, tonight, I am just going to leave you with this song by Priscilla Ahn.

I almost chose against posting, but I followed through.

Creative Week 1: Wednesday

Yes, I know it’s Thursday already.  Oops.

Wednesday was always going to be the hardest day on my creative week schedule, what with the long day at work and teaching catechism, and I made an executive decision to not worry about posting and just go to bed.

So, a day late, you get to see my Wednesday “Symbiosis” project.  My mother suggested the theme.  She is a high school biology teacher, and about once a year she assigns her students a project wherein they all write limericks about various cellular functions.  My mother has written some of these limericks herself, and has even gotten some of them published.  In honor of her, I present you a limerick about symbiosis.


Crocodiles might see a plover as prey
When it eats from their teeth, but it flies away,
For the little bird’s meat
Would make a good treat
But the crocs’ fangs might succumb to decay.

The crocodile/plover example has always been my favorite story of symbiosis.  When researching it for this post, however, I found out that it may only be a myth.  So sad!  At least it makes a good limerick.

Creative Week 1: Saturday

We had a new crop of potential hires go through the interview process at work today.  I cannot describe for you the exact flavor of panic in their eyes as they waited next to me, waiting to be called in, as I attempted to answer two ringing phones at once, switch out tickets to one show for a different show, manually add points to someone’s reward account and placate hungry customers who thought the concession line was ridiculously long.  I never quite had time to tell any of the candidates that it would be months before they would have to work the guest services desk, nor that today was an exceptionally busy day.

I knew today was going to be crunched.  I proctored a standardized test all morning and then I worked an almost eight hour shift at the movie theater this evening.  Even knowing how crazy today had the potential to be, I was still overwhelmed when it all came crashing down on me.

So, in other words, I’m really glad I went with the theme of “Baptism by Fire” for today’s project.  This idea was suggested by Rhonda Ortiz, who blogs at The Naptime Novelist.  You should definitely stop by and say hello.

In the meantime, it’s late, it’s very much a first draft, but it’s here before I go to sleep.  Here is a brand new poem for you all to read.

Baptism by Fire

In the dim light from the bulb
around the corner we have
found ourselves survived.

Still gasping breath, gulping
life in deep, the air around
crackling with energy, heat.

there is scar tissue in
my lungs but I am
breathing I am

The hum from outside our separate
room is routine continuing. Only
in this space, here, is the
dark pause, the little death,
the refining burn and the
breath that follows. Only here
is you and me, initiated.

You are grasp my hair.
I hold your chin. This
was it. The worst
is over now and our hot,
pink skin will heal.

please please I can’t
ever do this again

A new impulse is discovered
and an old peace
smolders in the breadth.