7 Quick Takes: seven is the number


This is the song that I’ve been grooving to this week.  It’s “Faust, Midas and Myself” by Switchfoot. I’m putting it at the top so you can listen as you read, if that’s your thing.

Life begins at the intersection.


I’m really glad I committed to this seven posts in seven days challenge with Jennifer Fulwiler’s Conversion Diary.  I’m glad I do a lot of things that Jennifer Fulwiler suggests, including this here 7 Quick Takes on Friday thing.  I’m glad about this posting every day thing, because I’m getting my reflecting mojo back.  Reflecting on why I am so indignant about winter in general at this point, reflecting on what feeds me… there’s a difference between thinking and reflecting.  I can think myself in circles, but when I write, I have a record.  I don’t need to rehash everything.  I’m accountable to whatever insights I stumble across.


I happened across this thing today, and I’m really considering signing up.  I’ve been complaining lately that my life is boring and I’m unhappy.  I’ve been getting restless.  So how do I fix this?  Maybe it starts best with a perspective readjustment.  So, if I spend 100 days posting pictures of things that make me happy, will that help me see happiness more effectively?  It’s probably worth a chance.

Plus, taking and posting pictures makes me happy, right?


I have a new instagram account!  This one matches my new blog.  Check it out & follow me.

Also, did you know you can find all of my various social media accounts by clicking on that heart icon up at the top of the page?  I like all that info neatly tucked away, but I wonder if you friends can find it.


This is a fantastic graphic showing every dress worn by a Best Actress Oscar winner since 1929.  It is lovely and beautiful and I am now wasting time looking up vintage photos.


I’m a literature nerd and a tiny little bit of a grammar nerd, so this collection of famous first sentences properly diagrammed rocks my socks.


I was going to post a picture for Throwback Thursday this week, but then I didn’t.  As I was browsing, though, I came across this picture, which is full of things that make me so goshdarn happy.  I thought I’d share it with you all.

fresh food, a fresh project and a warm mug of tea... not to mention the boyfriend who took the photo. :)

fresh food, a fresh project and a warm mug of tea… not to mention the boyfriend who took the photo. 🙂

Happy Friday, everyone!

Theme Thursday: Fences

This is day 4 of Conversion Diary’s 7 posts in 7 days challenge.  Since it’s Thursday, I know exactly what to post: my weekly photograph for Clan Donaldson’s Theme Thursday!  This week’s theme is fences.

What I thought of when I started pondering fence photography was texture. As I was looking for an interesting fence to shoot, I ended up looking for interesting surroundings. I probably looked like a crazy person sitting down at the coffee shop table with my iced latte in this weather, but it makes for a good shot.


winter at the coffee shop

Be sure to check out all the other photographs linked up at Clan Donaldson , and tell me- what do YOU think makes for an interesting photograph?

7I7: the Wednesday hop

I like my Wednesdays.  They bring a nice re-invigoration to my week.

Part of this hop, as I think of it, comes from having a stable schedule on Wednesdays.  I teach an 8th grade Confirmation prep class on Wednesday evenings, which means I don’t ever work after 5:00 on Wednesdays.  I know what my Wednesday nights look like, every week, and that’s not something I can say about most days of the week.  I also have a routine for Thursdays during the day, which contributes to the peace I feel on Wednesday nights.

What really gets me, though, is the class. Continue reading

7I7: Indignation

I was really going to do it, friends.  Seven posts in seven calendar days.  I’m pretty sure that’s what Jennifer Fulwiler meant for her bloggy friends to me doing.  I was swift and proactive closing up at work tonight, determined to get home with a solid fifteen minutes or so to pull a post together before midnight (Look, just because I was really going to do it doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to procrastinate and slide in under the wire.).  However, as I started to type this entry, the clock read 11:59.  I was held up a little, you see.

It wasn’t the dusting of snow that did it.  When I brought the trash out to the compactor, I had noticed that it had snowed again, but it was really only a dusting.  I might not even have to brush off my car.  Plus, at this point in this particular Michigan winter, what’s another inch between friends?  So, while I rolled my eyes at the snow, I really wasn’t negatively impacted. Continue reading

7 in 7: finding a balance

So, Jen Fulwiler of Conversion Diary is doing this thing where she’s writing seven posts in seven days and encouraging her readers to do the same.  Since I loved my Creative Week so much, but haven’t posted in the week since, I figure, may as well.

I’m going to start off by musing just a little about this blog.  I love it.  I really do.  I love redesigning it, and thinking of ideas, and watching as new countries light up on the map that shows my views.  I would spend all day tinkering with it, and writing, oh writing, nonstop. Continue reading

Theme Thursday: Heart

I have one, love-filled, very-special-to-me heart photo to share today as I link up with Clan Donaldson’s Theme Thursday yet again.

This photo was taken last Thanksgiving.  I work in a movie theater, and so I had to work on Thanksgiving (also the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  America needs to sort out its holiday priorities, but I digress.).  This was going to be a rough day at work for me, an early start to the day, which meant I couldn’t run the Turkey Trot downtown with my boyfriend like I had really, really wanted to.  My boyfriend is not in town all the time, and I was feeling the disappointment pretty sharply when we were hanging out the night before.

I got downstairs on Thanksgiving morning to fill my veins with caffeine and rush out the door only to realize that there was frost on the ground.  Great.  I would have to scrape my car.

My mother, however, was hanging up her coat.  She told me that she had gone out and scraped my car for me so I could make my coffee.  She also said that my boyfriend had apparently left something on my car, and she let it be, since it wouldn’t interfere with my visibility.


Between my mother’s care of me and my boyfriend’s message, there is an awful lot of love in this one little photo (and the light in it is just great!) so I knew it was going to be my Theme Thursday submission.

…Which means I’m not using it as a Creative Week entry.  Thursday’s Creative Week project will be posted on Friday.  If you’re wondering what my Creative Week is, or want to see the projects from Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, I’d be really very pleased if you check them out.

Creative Week 1: Wednesday

Yes, I know it’s Thursday already.  Oops.

Wednesday was always going to be the hardest day on my creative week schedule, what with the long day at work and teaching catechism, and I made an executive decision to not worry about posting and just go to bed.

So, a day late, you get to see my Wednesday “Symbiosis” project.  My mother suggested the theme.  She is a high school biology teacher, and about once a year she assigns her students a project wherein they all write limericks about various cellular functions.  My mother has written some of these limericks herself, and has even gotten some of them published.  In honor of her, I present you a limerick about symbiosis.


Crocodiles might see a plover as prey
When it eats from their teeth, but it flies away,
For the little bird’s meat
Would make a good treat
But the crocs’ fangs might succumb to decay.

The crocodile/plover example has always been my favorite story of symbiosis.  When researching it for this post, however, I found out that it may only be a myth.  So sad!  At least it makes a good limerick.