Creative Week 1: Sunday

Today’s theme comes from Jeff.  He & I teach 8th grade Confirmation prep together, which is always an adventure.

On Twitter, Jeff suggested “the Assumption”.  I thought this was an excellent theme for my Sunday project.  I may have gone a more generic Marian route than specifically the Assumption, but if you look into her eyes, you may see some echoes.

the Assumption

pencil sketch, 8.5 x 11 inches

In case you missed the first few days, I explain my Creative Week plan here, and feel free to look back at Friday’s and Saturday’s projects.

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Creative Week 1: Friday

I announced my intention to participate in a Creative Week earlier today in my 7QT post.  I am now pleased to present my very first project.

My awesome friend Christine was the very first to suggest a theme, and I absolutely loved it, so I decided to make it my first day.

Idea: Expectation

actual size: 5 by 7 inches

acrylic painting, 5 by 7 inches

I’m pleased with the painting.  I rushed it, a little, but that’s part of Creative Week.  If I made all of these absolute masterpieces, I probably couldn’t fit them all in.  The point is to get back to actively creating things.  I want to stretch my creative muscles.  I want to be able to point and say, there, that is a Thing of Beauty that I have done.

I am a little less pleased with the photograph of the painting.  In real life, it’s a lot easier to tell that the woman in the center has both a face and a dress.  Who knows?  Maybe at the end of the week, I will go back and retouch those features to make the contrast between light and shadow more obvious.

But probably not.

SO!  What do you think?  Am I off to an all right start with this Creative Week?  Or am I just crazy?

Theme Thursday: Church Windows

So, I’m trying something new and using the WordPress app on my phone to write a post.  I am nothing if not adventurous.

Once again, I am linking up with Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursdays, aka the link up that keeps my blog on life support.  No, no– KEPT my blog on life support.  I’m back, guys, and I have plans.  You’ll here about them much later tonight.

Still!  Check out Cari’s blog and all the other photos.  This week’s theme is church windows, and you’re getting a sort of greatest hits parade.  The first two are from Sacred Heart in Pittsburgh, the last is from St. John the Evangelist Cathedral in Milwaukee.


The Blessed Sacrament Chapel has my favorite church windows of all time. They depict the history of the Mass from the Last Supper up to the trenches of World War I. I can't believe this photo of the chapel's renovation process is the only photo I have of those windows.


This statue is set high up in the back of the church, overlooking the pews.


So, the window itself might not seem interesting, but I love what its light does to the statue

Check back later for a verrrry late bonus photo of the barn in my backyard in honor of last week’s theme.

Theme Thursday: Boys

It appears that I’ve hit a rough patch in my Theme Thursday photography posts.  I missed blogging at all last week, and I found this week’s theme to be difficult.

There are just not that many boys in my life.  I don’t have children of my own, my boyfriend lives in a different time zone than I do and my only sibling is another girl.  On the occasions when I encounter boys doing photogenic things like running, yelling and being excited, I refrain from taking photos.  This is because taking pictures of strangers’ children is creepy.

When my family was in Richmond for Easter, we went to the Science Museum of Virginia.  The atrium features a Foucault Pendulum.  About every fifteen minutes, the swinging pendulum knocks down another peg in the circle, demonstrating that the earth is rotating on its access.

This is the sort of thing that draws the attention of a great many elementary-school aged boys.  There were easily a half dozen gathered around on the day I stood in the atrium, waiting for the peg to fall.  Well, they were less gathered than moving manically through the general area, but when the pendulum hit the peg enough to wobble it, but not knock it over, they raced over to watch.

So here’s a picture of the pendulum, inching ever closer to the peg.  It was an exciting moment for all involved.

Virginia Museum of Science 009


Be sure to check out the linkup over at Clan Donaldson, and see some even more exciting photos of actual boys.

Theme Thursday: Celebration!

When Cari first posted today’s theme, I admit to a certain amount of grumbling.  I had no idea WHAT I could photograph for celebration.  Sure, it would be almost Easter, almost the Triduum, but since my family travels for holidays, there wouldn’t be much in terms of photographable preparation.

And then hockey happened, and all my troubles were lifted.

This is the final year of the Central Collegiate Hockey Association’s existence.  Several of the conference’s teams will be joining the brand, spanking new Big Ten Hockey League next year.  Some will be joining some other new league.  My own Fighting Irish will be joining Hockey East, which makes no sense geographically, but is FANTASTIC in terms of actual hockey.

Knowing that it was at the end of its life, the CCHA decided to focus on the good times instead of the dark future.  This last season was draped in the tagline “Celebrate the Legacy” and nowhere was this history more evident than at the last ever championship this weekend.

My dad & I went to see Notre Dame beat Ohio State in the semifinals at the Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit on Saturday, and we went back on Sunday to see them beat the University of Michigan Wolverines.  It was to that final championship final that I brought my camera.

You can see highlights from the game here, and the video of the celebration (in which you can clearly see my father & me in the stands) is here.

ceremonial puck drop with team captains, current & original commissioners

ceremonial puck drop with team captains, current & original commissioner

the crowd overwhelmingly favored the Wolverines and ERUPTED when UM scored first

the crowd overwhelmingly favored the Wolverines and ERUPTED when UM scored first

the celebration after ND's second goal

the celebration after ND’s second goal

go Irish!

go Irish! LOVE the shiny gold helmets!

the final buzzer sounds, and with a final score of 3-1, the Irish win the last ever CCHA championship

the final buzzer sounds, and with a final score of 3-1, the Irish win the last ever CCHA championship

the kind of celebratory action moms dread

the kind of celebratory action moms dread (but they cleaned up after themselves eventually)

the Mason Cup is Notre Dame's forever... on to the NCAA tournament!

the Mason Cup is Notre Dame’s forever… on to the NCAA tournament!

Thanks again for hosting, Cari!