Creative Week 1: Tuesday

Today’s theme of “Surrender” was suggested by Nick, and I’m going to be brave about it.

The title of this blog is “Singing Into the Dark” and it’s about time you got to hear me sing.  Music is very important in my life, which you might have guessed from all the random YouTube videos I insert at the bottom of my posts.  However, most of the singing I do these days is anonymously from a pew at Mass or in the solitude of my car.

However, I have a secret: I write a lot of songs.  Most of them, I don’t even bother to write down.  The few that I significantly work on don’t really even get musical accompaniment worked out– my piano is drastically out of tune and I haven’t quite managed to get comfortable on my guitar yet.

Tonight, that secret is revealed.  I present a rough, acapella recording of my new song “Down”.  The lyrics are below.

She told him in the morning
she didn’t think she’d stay.
He begged her just to think awhile
before she went away.
Her eyes looked on the ocean,
her gaze, somewhere beyond.
He knew his heart would follow hers;
it was already gone.

But desperately he’s with her.
He knows he’s going to drown.
His love went
Down to the water’s edge and he
followed her down.

In the older days ’twas simpler,
though you might not feel at ease
on the path God laid before you
unaffected by your pleas
while the idols of your enemies
threw curses at your soul.
When you knew you’d none to start with,
you’d never lose control.

So he pondered ancient tragedies,
great losses of renown.
His love went
down to the water’s edge and he
followed her down.

She was drifting on some currents
that only she could know,
but she always found him watching her
wherever she would go.
There are nights when it’s too hard;
her heart is much too full.
His love is slowly adding weight;
she’s sinking from its pull.

It’s such a needy world she sees–
could she bear its thorny crown?
His love went
down to the water’s edge and he
followed her down.

She cried, “I’ve so much more to give!”
He sighed, “I’ve not enough.”
She wept down at the ocean’s edge
in currents cold and rough.
She fears she’s lost without him now;
he’s lost in her embrace.
She’ll dissipate to fill the sky;
he’ll never fill her space.

They’re desperately together now,
praying not to drown.
His love went
down to the water’s edge and he
followed her down.

Thanks for listening.  What do you think?  Only two days left in this first week!