Creative Week 1: Monday

I decided on the theme my sister suggested, “Each Step of the Journey”.  I knew exactly where she got the idea.  Our college choir director, Karen Schneider Kirner, composes sacred music, in addition to all of her work leading and mentoring students.  She has set some of the prayers from the Carmina Gadelica to music, and one of my favorites is “Each Step of the Journey.”  I can no longer find the video that our choir made, but here is one of another Notre Dame choir singing it, because it’s a great prayer.

My plan for today’s project was to make a banner for use atop a blog or as a Facebook cover photo.  It would include some words of the prayer and some appropriate imagery.

However, plans have gone sideways.  Events have transpired such that instead of wrestling with Photoshop and making what no doubt would have been a lovely and inspirational piece of digital art…

…I have made an origami hopping frog.

ribbet ribbet

ribbit ribbit


Yes, in case you were wondering, they really do hop.  I have video proof!

It is SO MUCH more satisfying some days to just work with my hands.

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