Theme Thursday: Bare

It’s never really the new year until Christmas is over, is it?

Once the liturgical season ends, my family starts thinking about taking down all the decorations.  This usually means that everything comes down over a week or two.  What with everybody around the house all week, however (HELLO polar vortex!) pretty much everything indoors that reminds me of Christmas has been put away.  I myself took all of my ornaments off the tree yesterday and took the tinsel garlands off today.

All that is left on our Christmas tree are the lights, about half of which no longer work.  It looks wrong, both bigger and smaller.


poor, empty, half-working Christmas tree

The same could be said for a lot of corners in my house now.  The space above the fireplace looks empty, and I’m constantly surprised when I don’t hit my head on the mistletoe & elf windchime that was hanging above the kitchen table.

It isn’t Christmas anymore.

And with that, I suppose, my new year has finally begun.

So I’m back blogging & linking up with Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday again.  Woohoo!