Communication & Vision

Since eadillon-dot-com isn’t my first blog, this isn’t really my first blog post, and I’m going to hit the ground running.

Communication from the Coffeeshop

Communication from the Coffee Shop

I sometimes think that if I had my way, I would spend all of my waking hours communicating somehow.  This is not to say that I want to constantly be in the presence of other people.  Undeniably, I am a social person, and my well being depends on my interactions with people.  This is why I usually go to write in coffee shops instead of by myself in my one bedroom apartment (that and mochas.  Oh, I have such a weakness for mochas!).  I thrive on connecting with others, but that doesn’t mean I want them to be in my face nonstop with their noise and their needs and their otherness.

No, even I need a break from human interaction.

That’s the thing about communication, though- it comes in so many forms.  For every in person interaction (The coffeeshop manager just offered me a chocolate animal cracker. Heck yes!), there is an internet-based interaction (I am instant messaging with an old friend in Michigan.).  There are hard-copy text communications (I just wrote my grandmother a thank you note on the cutest stationery.) and long distance voice-based communications (I also promised Grandma that I’d be calling soon.).  These are all very obvious, here and now, exchanges of information with very real people that I know.


interaction with other humans in my community during my year of service

Communication is deeper than that, though.  It’s connections with people, yes, but, it’s transmission of information and ideas and it’s creative expression.  When I decompress from my day by writing in my journal, it’s communication with myself (and maybe with descendents who will find it in the distant future).  When I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it’s the communication of JK Rowling’s imagination out into the world.  When I sing, it’s the communication of my imagination and sense of beauty.

When I sit in silence and wonder, it’s communication with my God.  When I cry or plead or exclaim with joy, it is prayer.  This is the communication I hope to value the most, and it’s what should root me to all of the other communication that fills my life.  I am striving to cultivate this interaction, this crying out and this listening, so as to better guide my struggles in the dark.

This is the perspective from which I approach this blog, and really, all of my writing and social media presence.  I love the ins and outs of communication.  I am thrilled to explore the different and creative ways to communicate through the Internet and through art.  I love watching Internet and art intersect.  My favorite, though, is watching people find each other in new ways.  I am especially pleased when I get to be one of those people.

So welcome to my site, and welcome to my life.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you’ll stay a while.